Brisa Hennesey


NATIONALITY Japanese, Irish, Swedish, Scottish and English!  Born in Costa Rica and growing up in Hawaii


HOBBIES & INTERESTS Cooking, eating and art.

THINGS YOU LOVE Family, good food, good friends, kitties, laughing and Haagandaz Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream ;)

THINGS YOU HATE Negativity, germs, okra and horror movies

PEOPLE YOU ADMIRE My grandma, my parents, Martin Luther King and Hellen Keller

AMBITIONS Win a World Title and be on a Food Network show

AGE STARTED SURFING 3 years old in Costa Rica

FAVORITE BREAK Lakey Peak and V-land

FAVORITE MOVE Julie and Julia

MAGIC BOARD T&C Makani 5'5" H Model Squash

ALL TIME SURF TRIP Lakey Peak for Rip Curl Grom Search International

CAREER PERFORMANCE U14, U16, U18 National Titles, Open Girls National Title 2014 and a quarter final finish in Supergirl QS 2014

ADVICE ON SURFING The one thing I know about surfing is whoever you may be and whatever your level, when you paddle out into mother ocean you can't help but feel happy. Keep the good vibe out there for everyone to enjoy!

WORDS TO LIVE BY "This moment"